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This screen saver runs on computers with MS WINDOWS 95 (or higher), or MS WINDOWS NT 4.0 (or higher) operating systems.


  1. Please click here to download the screen saver file (size: 450 kB).
  2. The computer probably will ask you if you'd like to run the program or save it to disk. Click on the save option, and save the file to your system-directory, which is normally C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.
  3. Right-click on a blank part of your desktop, scroll to "properties", then choose "screen saver" and select "borrelia" in the combo box.
    You will probably have to wait a few seconds, until the screen saver appears.
  4. Click on "adjust..." to configure the screen saver according to your needs.
  5. Enjoy!


In your system-directory, delete the file called "borrelia.scr".


This screen saver is freeware and is allowed to be copied and distributed without restrictions.
This screen saver was carefully tested and checked for viruses/worms on the platforms mentioned above. Nevertheless, Have.at cannot give any warranties for the flaw-less function of your computer after downloading.

Last modified: 11. Jun 05